My journey of studies…

– BA in English and Education (University of Hawaii, 2003- 2006, Class of 2006)
– Masters in Theological Studies (MTS) at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (2006-2008)
– Year of studies in Liturgical Studies at GTU (Graduate Theological Union) in Berkeley, CA (2008-2009)
– Year of German Language Studies at Vienna, Austria (2009-2010)
– Masters  in Eastern Christian Studies (MPhil) at the University of Oxford (2010-2012). Masters Thesis: Deification in Creation, Baptism and the Eucharist according to the Alexandrian Fathers: Clement, Origen, Athanasius and Cyril.
– Doctoral Studies (PhD) in Theology at the University of King’s College, London (2012- 2016) (Thesis topic: Aristides of Athens, the Armenian Version).


I do not claim to know everything about everything. This is a place where I desire to share my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge I’ve received throughout this gift of life. Some of these writings have been born out of many dark moments, others from the rise of those same moments that have made me see the dawn of day and greater lights than I could have ever imagined. Some writings have been born through my experiences in academia in theology, which has played a large role in how I view life and live today. But above all, I write to share my many lessons God has hammered in my life, several of which He has tried to teach me repeatedly.

Everyone has a story. Everyone wants a purpose, everyone has a purpose. This blog is a means to create a space for everyone to find more of their story and their purpose in this grand scheme of things that is called life, where each one of us may meet the divine and gracious Creator, and in doing so can only find our true story. As CS Lewis once said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else,” may we too see everything in light of Christ.

As I journey here and continue to write from a small room in a London flat, I hope to meet my reader through every page written, to move beyond space and time, that I too may live my purpose and show every being effectively we are each called to learn, pray, and love.

Donna Rizk