See my academic profile and some papers:

Deification in the Alexandrian Fathers: Clement, Origin, Athanasius and Cyril of Alexandria: on Creation, Baptism and the Eucharist. Masters’ Thesis (Oxford, 2012). Publication forthcoming.

“The Christology of the Coptic Church as shown through her Liturgical Prayers, Hymnology, and Services”, in Oriental and Eastern Christology. Volos Academy: Athens, 2017.

“The Armenian Apology of Aristides”, Paper presented at the Fifth Annual British Patristics Conference (London, UK, September 3-5, 2014). Studia Patristica:Leuven, 2017.

Gender in the Orthodox Church in the 21st century”, in Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity Volume 2: North Africa and West Asia Volume, Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, 2017.

The Different Versions of Aristides’ Apology”, in Markus Vinzent (ed.), Studia Patristica: Vol. (forthcoming) Papers presented at the Seventeenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2015. Peeters Publishers: Leuven: forthcoming 2019.

The Life of Sarah the Martyr in the Coptic Synexarium”, in Encountering Women of Faith: Volume 3. Holy Cross Press: Boston, 2019.

“Trisagion: A Chalcedonian or non-Chalcedonian Approach?” Paper presented on the Trisagion hymn in the Eastern and Coptic Tradition at the Coptic Symposium: Past, Present, Future Conference (Stevenage, UK, July 21-24, 2013).

“The Omonogenis Hymn Shared in the Byzantine and Coptic Traditions”, Paper presented at the Society of Oriental Liturgy Conference (SOL) Publication forthcoming.

Liturgical Renewal: Eucharist and Restoration”, Presentation given at the First Annual St. Cyril Society Symposium, Washington, DC (September 5-7, 2014). SCS Press: Springfield, forthcoming.

Gender in the Oriental Churches”, in Women and Gender in Orthodox Christianity, Fordham University Press: New York, forthcoming 2020.